The Boys in the Band
Band leader, Jim Thompson, has been performing in clubs and for private parties for thirty years throughout Vermont and as far away as Florida and California. He taught himself to play piano by listening to his father's old 78's and has developed a style all his own. His vocals have a rich character, and it's easy to hear how much he enjoys the lyrics. 
Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson
Stretch Normandeau (June 29, 1922 - March 9, 2007) was the original drummer and namesake of the band. He joined Jim at the Parking Lot in Barre, Vermont in 1987 and soon the two began playing out and about. They added Steve Sawyer on sax and were recording as early as 1988. Stretch continued to play with many other bands, and was always well known for his enthusiasm and upbeat style. We all miss him dearly.
Stretch Normandeau
Steve Sawyer was a college music major and now teaches music in the Vergennes school system as well as private lessons. He plays with big bands around the state. With both saxophone and clarinet, and a variety of styles, folks never get tired of listening to him play.

Steve Sawyer

Stretch 'n' the Limits welcomes Danny McHugh as our new regular drummer.  The son of a drummer and father of a drummer, Danny is the funnest and finest fit for Stretch 'n' the Limits.  It takes a big man with a big heart and a lot of soul to fill the shoes of the late Stretch Normandeau, and Danny is just the man for the job.  Come see and hear how much fun we have now!
Danny McHugh

Ray Burke has been appearing more and more often with Stretch 'n' the Limits as Steve Sawyer gets busy in other fields and venues. Ray is well known throughout the state of Vermont as the recently retired "Roads Scholar." For years Ray was seen on TV and heard over the radio reporting on the road and weather conditions from his post as state highway dispatcher. Ray is also a working dairy farmer. But we love to have him join us with his marvelous unique sax styles!
Ray Burke

Ray Burke